UK_Indonesia Creative Exchange Programme – The Kazimier

The Kazimier and British Council Indonesia are delighted to launch an open call for a creative exchange opportunity for an Indonesia based creative practitioner.

Click here for the application form >> Open-Call_UK_Indonesia_Creative_Exchange_Programme_Application-Form_Kazimier-DRAFT_1-docx

The Kazimier and British Council Indonesia invite applications for a creative exchange opportunity for an Indonesia based creative practitioner. The exchange will involve working with The Kazimier on the development and delivery of creative content for a number of their projects in spring 2020 and also offers an opportunity to be in the UK for the Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival in May 2020. 

The selected candidate will be hosted and supported by The Kazimier, at their venue and creative hub, Invisible Wind Factory (IWF) in Liverpool, UK.  At this time, we see the candidate collaborating with the artistic team, contributing to the creation of performative or installation content, for example as part of an immersive events series, ‘New Rituals’, or other Kazimier projects. However, this is flexible depending on the selected candidate, and developments with The Kazimier’s planned projects.

The selected artist would be able to develop their own practise independently and within the creative framework that Kazimier projects provide, whilst becoming thoroughly embedded into the creative ecosystem of the IWF, and Liverpool.  This will include anything from joining in with creative team sessions, working individually, and participating in workshops, to attending events and field trips.

The opportunity will involve two visits to the UK, in January 2020 , and in April 2020, ending with AND Festival in May 2020.



The Kazimier make immersive shows that take the audience into imagined realms, alternative realities and fantasy environments.  Based in their venue and creative hub, the Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool, The Kazimier create interdisciplinary work from intimate installations to mass audience spectacles. We explore how sense and perception can be manipulated, wrapping creative technology within deeper mystery. 

We produce world-class commissions for clients including festivals, public institutions and global brands as well as devising in-house productions. Our core team includes artists, producers, engineers, and specialist makers. 


The majority of the exchange will take place in Liverpool, based at the IWF.  Project work with Kazimier may involve travel to other parts of the UK.

The exchange will involve remote working (meetings over Skype or similar) whilst in Indonesia and travel to the UK in January 2020 and April 2020.


Role & Output 

The final output/s would be developed in response to the project, narrative and contextual frameworks provided by The Kazimier and stimulated by the skills of the creative team and the selected creative practitioner. This could take many forms, for example: 


Parallel creative exchange with Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival:

This opportunity will run in collaboration with Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival who will be hosting a parallel creative exchange. 

Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival is the UK’s only roaming biennial digital festival, interdisciplinary and pioneering in the physical and digital realm. In 2020, Inspired by the industrial heritage and landscape that connects Manchester and Liverpool, AND Festival will take to the water, exploring this global trade gateway via the Manchester Ship Canal and Mersey River.

Kazimier will host this parallel exchange at their venue Invisible Wind Factory. The two exchange opportunities will be able to benefit from drawing from both organisations’ networks; the artists, curators, producers in the wider AND & Kazimier networks, as well as networks specifically within Liverpool where they will be based for the duration of their time in the UK. The two creative exchange participants will share accommodation and use The Invisible Wind Factory as a base for working when in Liverpool.

The programme timeline allows crossover for both creative exchange participants at key points in the project, specifically times when they are both hosted in the UK. (See the timeline below for the schedule).

Whilst running in parallel there is potential for activity crossover with The Kazimier and AND, as part of the Festival, and we will continue to discuss potential for this crossover as our respective programmes develop over the coming months.



1 December 2019 Application deadline
W/b 2 December 2019  Applicant shortlisting
W/b 9 December 2019 Skype interviews with shortlisted applicants
W/b 16 December 2019 Selection of candidate completed

Initial skype calls with Kazimier – introduction to organisation, programme and team / scope out potential ideas

W/b 3 February 2020 Visit to Liverpool / site visit and research and development time for project work for 10 days (including travel time)  Liverpool
February/ March/ April 2020 Continue development of work from Indonesia / liaising remotely with Kazimier team (approx. 2 weeks) Indonesia (remote work)
15 April 2020 Creative exchange practitioner In UK for approx. 5 weeks including AND Festival (14 – 17 May) Liverpool/ North West
W/b 4 May 2020 AND parallel creative exchange producer joins In UK for 2 weeks including AND Festival (14 – 17 May) Liverpool
June 2020 Post UK visit activity and evaluation  Indonesia


The Kazimier / British Council Indonesia can provide the following support for the selected candidate:



The Kazimier welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with someone from a different culture, whose creative practise and outside perspective will complement and enhance their team. Wehope that this diversity of background and experience will encourage an inspiring and stimulating environment for creativity and ultimately lead to the production of a unique output. 




Deadline for applications is Sunday 1st December 2019, 17:00 GMT/ 00:00 WIB.

Click here for the application form >> Open-Call_UK_Indonesia_Creative_Exchange_Programme_Application-Form_Kazimier-DRAFT_1-docx

All applications will be reviewed by a panel consisting of representatives from Kazimier and British Council Indonesia. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a skype interview w/b 9th December. 


All applications to be completed in English. Please download and complete the application form and equal opportunities form, along with your CV, and email to: using the subject line: ‘British Council Indonesia Creative Exchange Application’


For any queries relating to your submission please contact

Or the British Council Indonesia Arts team email at 

(email subject: CREATIVE EXCHANGE application)



Kazimier is a multi-faceted organisation and as well as being deeply embedded within the creative ecosystem of Liverpool, it is its own mini creative ecosystem, with The Invisible Wind Factory housing a variety of creatives within the building and extending to a large network of close collaborators and associates. The organisation’s many strands allow for a unique and varied exchange opportunity, as cross pollination between the different departments is encouraged. 



Throughout history, societies have used the unifying power of ceremonies to powerful effect, bringing people together in celebration of their belief. 

This event series created by The Kazimier explores how a club context can offer a form of ritualistic experience, free from religious or political persuasion. In our global society night-time clubbing offers a contemporary version of this, but New Rituals aims to explore and experiment with this setting further, combining commissioned performances, immersive decor and audience participation. The concept ties into the wider world of a future ‘leisure society’, which will be searching for unifying and connecting public experiences. 

As part of a continuing event series started in 2018, The Kazimier plan to host New Rituals events throughout 2020.



Abandon Normal Devices (AND) is a catalyst for new approaches to art-making, creative intervention and cultural deviance, commissioning groundbreaking projects that challenge the definitions of art, digital culture and moving image.