Since 2008, Kazimier has been bringing people together through music, art, culture and venues
to give you memorable experiences in all our independent spaces.
We’ve tried to bring something totally unique to Liverpool,
but something familiar too in venues where you can hang out with friends after work,
or come down with the family over a weekend.

We want to keep our visitors, our teams, the wider public and vulnerable people safe
so we have had to limit activities and operations until everything’s back to normal.
But this poses a very real threat to our future and to that of the wider arts and cultural industries.
Our income relies on our spaces being open and even a short interruption
will have huge financial impact because we run a lean business,
our cash reserve is tiny, and all profits are re-injected.
No one is rich here,

We are an independent business,
and so we are looking for your collective support.
We love our audience across IWF, Kazimier Garden, OUTPUT gallery and the Stockroom,
and we ask now for your support so we can keep the lights on and support our incredible team,
together we can get through this uncertain time

If you are able to contribute a donation at this time, we would be extraordinarily grateful

Alternatively support us via the Kazimier Garden Crowdfunder

Kazimier Garden

Show some LOVE for IWF and purchase a T-shirt – all proceeds to go towards supporting our staff

Show some LOVE for Kazimier Garden and purchase a T-shirt – all proceeds to go towards supporting our staff